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  • The Ascension Club

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Unlock your true potential, as you begin to prioritise your wellbeing.

Begin this journey of ascension as you begin to evolve your mind, body & soul with other ladies on the same mission.



The mind consists of thoughts and thoughts are energy that create our reality.


The body must be nourished so that it can fully take us through this journey called life.


The soul is our inner knowing system that will guide us towards making the right decisions.


WHAT is the Ascension Club?

'The Ascension Club' is an online platform that brings together women who are on this journey of evolving their mind, body & soul. Joining the club symbolises commitment to yourself that you are ready to evolve. It's a hub that will guide, support, motive and inspire you to become your most authentic, balanced, most fulfilled version of yourself.

WHO is the Ascension Club for?

Women who are curious about how their life could transform by nourishing their mind, body and soul. The club is for women who are already on this journey of self development and who understand that our external reality is shaped by our internal reality. It's for women who are ready to begin making changes to nourish themselves from the inside out. For women wanting to shift from auto- pilot to intentional living.

WHY join the Ascension Club?

If you've read this far you probably are one of us. But why join? Well there are a few reasons! The club will firstly connect you to a group of likeminded women who get you. Being on this journey of self optimisation and ascension can often feel like a lonely road. The ladies here get it, they will get you and will want to help support and inspire you. The club will guide you with monthly hormone balancing recipes, meditations and routines to help bring out the best you. The platform will also encourage you to share photos of your meals, your movement, your self care activities and will provide you with a loving, non-judgemental space to reflect on your own behaviours and habits.

HOW will the Ascension Club help me?

 The club will provide you with a safe space for you to check in regularly and share your wins, your struggles and your curiosities so that you can remain connected, focused and accountable.

 You'll gain access to a library of material designed to help you expand your mind, body and soul so you'll never be short of bedtime reading.

 Reading alone doesn't create real shifts and changes though. Action does. So action steps, tasks and focus tools will be shared regularly do you can begin to put your teachings into practise. By incorporating these into your every day routine you'll begin to focus, align and evolve.

Ultimately joining the club is a commitment. A lot of women say they want to evolve but when it comes to it they take the easier, non-riskier route, which generally means staying put. If you have this calling in you to know more, to grow and a curiosity to want to know what if, it'll always be there. It'll come back and show up throughout your life. I only want women who are ready, who are committed and are going to enjoy sharing this journey with me, as my tribe are as important to me as my self development. Lets do this!