Join date: Mar 28, 2021

Hi! I'm Noelle. Mum to 2 girls, 11 and 8. 48 years old - tackling peri-menopause head on.

Self employed Women's Wellness Coach supporting women through all life phases and challenges, whether it's pelvic floor issues (I have that t-shirt and manage my symptoms), pregnancy fitness and nutrition, 4th Trimester, post natal or peri- to post-menopause.

I joined Local Ladies as I loved the vibe Stephanie gives and sets for the group and hell! after the year we have had we all need a tribe of supportive women around us. I've also heard great things about her nutrition offerings from mutual friend Gemma and as someone tackling menopause weight gain, it's so important that I get support myself and prioritise my own health as I do my clients.

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