• Entry Wellness

    Every month
    Country & coastal walks & coffee meet ups.
    Valid for 12 months
  • Annual 'Entry'

    Attend our walks. Pay upfront and save.
    Valid for one year
  • Ultimate Wellness

    Every month
    Access to book all ticketed events.
    Valid for 12 months+ 7 day free trial
  • Annual 'Ultimate'

    Perfect for those wanting to pay upfront and save.
    Valid for one year
  • Recipe subscription

    Every month
    Nutritionally balanced recipes to be enjoyed each month
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Nourish yourself with delicious food, epic adventures and fun self-care events!

The 'Local Ladies Club' is a members club that focuses on bringing together like minded ladies, boosting female wellbeing and empowering you to become your best self.

Nourishment comes from caring for your physical and emotional wellbeing through good food, enjoyable exercise and being part of a community where you laugh a lot! That is why the LLC run events around good food, fitness/adventures and social get togethers!

You deserve some time out. So come on in & begin to feel more nourished, rejuvenated and connected, x.



Nourish yourself with food.

  • Afternoon tea parties

  • Vineyard do's

  • Nourishing nutrition workshops

  • Brunch parties

  • Yoga breakfasts

  • Picnic parties

  • Lively dinner parties

  • And more...



Nourish yourself with enjoyable exercise 

  • Yoga in beautiful paces

  • Country & Coastal adventures

  • Paddle boarding explorations

  • Walks & country pubs

  • Explore our local hidden gems

  • Water based adventures 

  • Try something new & a few surprises to keep you on your toes...

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Nourish yourself with fun social get togethers.


  • In person wellness workshops

  • Pamper parties

  • Paint & sip

  • Local Ladies Cozy Book Club

  • Cafe catch ups & meet and greets

  • Creative arty classes

  • Seasonal festivities 

  • And more...



The Ultimate ladies members club that gets you doing more of what you love on a regular basis.

The LLC is all about bringing together fabulous, like-minded ladies together around good food, exciting adventures and fun self care events.


Have you ever thought that life is just passing you by? Do you feel that you could be living & experiencing more from life? Ever wished your friends would just get up and go out on adventures with you? Ever wanted to go to that glamours party but didn't know anyone going? Or are you just wanting to get some good get togethers in the calendar, but tired of being the one who has to organise everything?


If I'm speaking your language then you need to come on in. I started this club because of these struggles and now we have over 3,000 amazing ladies and fabulous events that run each month.


We hike together, drink wine together, go to the races together, do yoga classes and have breakfast in vineyards together, throw sundowner yacht parties together. You name it and if it includes the beautiful outdoors, wellness or is just seriously good fun we'll be doing it.

What's not to love, join the LLC and come on in, x

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Zoe "Local Ladies has been a great way to connect within the community from the start, which as I moved here with hardly any local friends just before lockdown no. 1 has been hugely appreciated. Not does Steph bring people together but she also is passionate about sharing her health based nutritional advice. Can’t wait to meet up again for some in real life fun events "




"Hey I'm Emma, I’m and I live in Chichester. I joined the group back in October and it has been an absolute lifeline during lock down. From the free challenges which encouraged me to eat more healthily, sleep more and take more exercise to the real friendships that have grown, it has been a God send. I’ve also thoroughly enjoyed the few activities we managed to squeeze in before the latest lock down and can’t wait to take part in the new ones I have signed up for."

"My name is Sarah and I live in Emsworth. Local ladies appealed to me as it is friendly and welcoming, focusing on fitness, health and friendship. It has been great to connect with other local ladies online during lockdown as I haven't felt so on my own. As restrictions ease it will be great to meet people face to face. The thing I like most about the group is that it's a way of connecting and making friends with like minded women in the local area who share the same zest for life! xxx"

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