Take the first step towards creating a
Rejuvenated, Nourished, Lighter version of yourself. 

Join me, a qualified nutritionist & a small group of local ladies taking it to the next level!


This 21 day "Cook Yourself Fit" plan starts on Sunday 5th June. Once you have booked you'll be invited to join a private online space with access to the recipe guide and other tools you'll need to get yourself set up before the start date.


The workshop has been specifically designed for women in their 30's and onwards looking to eat themselves fit and healthy. This is the prefect opportunity to rebalance and rejuvenate. I'm here to guide you towards establishing a lighter, more vibrant, energised version of yourself! Adapt mindful eating strategies & cook yourself fit. You'll learn how to balance your blood sugar levels and regulate your hormones so you experience less cravings and more control. You'll be establishing healthier, supportive habits that will take you towards achieving the best version of yourself.

- A tried & tested plan that works 

- Breakfast, lunch, dinner & snack recipes in a flexible meal plan

- Start & end phone consultation (to ensure we meet your goals)

- Daily group coaching

- Weekly Q & A's with a qualified nutritionist

- Organisational tools to keep you on track If you are ready to step into a healthier, more energised, refreshed and happier version of yourself.


Often ladies come to me wanting to lose weight and are wanting to feel more rejuvenated. Yet they experience so much more. A shift in their mind that frees them from restrictive, habitual practises- putting them back in control.


If you are ready to experience the shift I am 100% ready to help you. Let YOUR success story be the one I talk about next! If you want to speak to ladies who have taken part in one of my 21 day plans feel free to post a question in the Local Ladies Facebook group as I'm sure they would love to share their experience with you. Book in today & make that commitment to yourself.

Success Stories

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Lauren L

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Vanda N

"I cannot recommend Beautiful Energised enough! Since becoming a mum, I have been working on myself trying to create healthy lifestyle habits. But I still struggled to eat healthily. So I found Beautifully Energised and the wonderful women who runs it, Steph. This lady is an angel in disguise. She has taught me how different nutrients such as fat, carbs, saturated sugars, proteins etc effect the body. She explained how my diet was effecting my energy levels and gave me easy to follow tips to make positive changes to my diet. Steph created an action plan which she made very personalised which fitted neatly into my busy life working and being a mum. WOW the benefits were amazing and I still implement these action steps into my life now. It was super fun introducing new foods into my diet. The advice and tips Steph has taught me how to eat a healthy, balanced. Steph's guidance has helped me move into the right direction for a healthier life, where I feel more balanced and energised!"

"I joined Stephanie's 21 Day challenge in November. Right from the outset Stephanie helped me to prepare mentally to take this on, with a 1:1 phone call and follow up material to support material me throughout the 21 days. I found Steph really knowledgeable. I have done many diets over the years and can honestly say this did not feel like a diet at all. It was more about mindful eating, which I had never used such an approach before and it honestly does work. In addition I lost 12 Ibs which I am really chuffed about. Steph motivates you and if you have a slip doesn't make you feel a failure and provides only encouragement.

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Sonja V

"Stephanie listened to what I wanted to do with my diet. I wanted to lose weight but continue to enjoy good food. I didn't want to start on a diet with shakes and cookies. Stephanie helped me to gradually change my eating habits, taking into account who I am. She taught me how to compose balanced meals with good amounts of protein and healthy carbs. She gave me structure and helped me change my diet. No more hunger attacks. Stephanie also convinced me to start exercising. I dreaded that I am not a sporty type at all. But I felt that almost immediately it gave me energy. In short, Stephanie's approach has been a success for me."