Local Ladies Club

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What is the LLC?

The Local Ladies Club (LLC) is an exclusive ladies only wellness members club for women situated in and around Chichester, West Sussex. The LLC bring together fabulous likeminded ladies who are passionate about enhancing their wellbeing, forming new friendships and getting together for regular in person feel good events.


What age is the LLC for? 

Anyone who 18+ although most members are between 30-65. As long as you love expanding your social circle, getting together for good food, adventure and fun self care social events you'll fit right in.


Where do the events take place?

In and around Chichester.


What days do you run events?

Most of our events run over the weekend or Monday-Friday evenings at 7pm.


Do I have to be a member to attend the events?

Yes. Once you join you'll be given access to the members only area where you can book onto the events.


I don't want to pay monthly can I still join?

Yes. Sign up and get yourself a "free account" click onto the Become a member  tab on the website. You can then pay per event.


I want to attend regular events and get first dibs on sell out events, which would be the best/most affordable option?

The "Ultimate Wellness" membership, at just £9.99 a month. You'll have access to book those sell out events and you'll be saving on average of £15 per event you book onto. Oh and an added bonus your walks will be free!

What events can I expect to see in the Local Ladies Club?

Local walks around the coast and countryside so you can explore the hidden gems whilst meeting like minded local ladies. Meet and greet ice breaker events, creative arty workshops, afternoon tea get togethers, brunch parties, vineyard do's, in person wellness workshops, yoga breakfasts, outdoorsy activities, self care indulgences and much more.


Can I bring a friend?

Yes absolutely. Get your friend to sign up to get a "free account" by clicking on the Local Ladies Club tab on the website and she can book her ticket through the Free Members area.