Happier, healthier staff.


Prioritising your staffs mental & physical health has huge payoffs. Firstly your staff are happier and healthier and will start to take less sick days. Secondly your staff will feel valued and supported which creates trust and loyalty within the company. Thirdly your staff will begin to feel more connected to their work peers as they share and reflect on the workshops. Overall creating a happier, healthier work environment.


My nutrition & lifestyle coaching workshops are designed to be educational, interactive & extremely effective! I'll always arrive with treats that can be enjoyed, recipes that can be replicated and tools that'll guide your staff to a healthier, more rejuvenated version of themselves.

  • Reducing stress

  • Boosting energy levels

  • Nourishing recipes for optimum health

  • Strategies of increasing sleep quality

  • Recipes that will strengthen the immune system

  • Strategies to enhance overall feelings of wellbeing.

  • Plans to establish healthy supportive routines, regardless of shift patterns.