Steph's Beautifully Energised Approach

Hi, I’m Steph. I'm a Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle coach. I graduated from the Institute of Health Sciences as a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach in May 2020. My obsession for human optimisation and increasing both physical and mental capabilities inspired me to understand how I could possibly become the best version of myself through food and lifestyle tweaks.

I guide go getter ladies who are already on this journey of self development towards a healthier, more balanced, aligned version of themselves.


The mind, body and soul are interconnected parts that each need attention. Becoming aware of this and spending time to nourish each daily is an extremely rewarding feeling which brings with it transformation and satisfaction.


My mission is to help women feel more nourished, grounded and aligned so they have the energy and the power to do more of what they love! 

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Can I help you?..

I work with go-getter, hard working, driven, adventurous, fun, ladies who get stuff done! I only work with ladies who are 100% ready to take action.


Transformation & alignment isn't possible if things are complicated as you end up going around in circles. We keep things simple and attainable so you're able to thrive.

The advice is to the point. You will use my organisational tools to free up time. You'll have more time on your hands than you had before.

My recipes are flexible, simple & tasty. No need to count calories, cut out your favourite foods or eat tiny portions. This is not a diet but a lifestyle enhancing plan.

Even if...

You are new to the idea of ascension . If you are curious about how your life could be if your body was healthier, your mind was clearer & more focused and your spirit more aligned, you're in the right place!

Not for you if...

You blame others or things out of your control for the situation that you're in. This club is for women who take full responsibility for the life, health and happiness they are creating. If you are not yet ready to take action and commit to small daily changes in your every day this isn't for you. If you need convincing that mind, body, soul alignment is important for self optimisation then you're not quite ready to join us.