Steph's Beautifully Energised Approach

Hi, I’m Steph. I'm a Certified Nutrition & Lifestyle coach. I graduated from the Institute of Health Sciences as a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach in May 2020. My obsession for human optimisation and increasing both physical and mental capabilities inspired me to understand how I could possibly become the best version of myself through food and lifestyle tweaks.

I guide busy ladies who may be close to burn out to a place of peace, clarity and heightened energy.


Each of my plans teach mindful eating so that you are able  to  reduce food cravings, restore energy levels and balance out hormones. I then work alongside each client to create healthier habits that fuel long lasting energy, mental clarity and inner strength.


My mission is to help women feel more nourished, grounded and energised so they have the energy and the power to do more of what they love! 

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Can I help you?..

I work with busy, time poor, hard working, driven, adventurous, fun, ladies who get stuff done! I only work with ladies who are 100% ready to take action. If you don't fail my plan, my plan won't fail you- simple.


My plans are simple, applicable and I provide you with tools that allow you to start immediately. 

The plan & advice is to the point. You will use my organisational tools to free up time. You'll have more time on your hands than you had before.

My recipes are flexible, simple & tasty. No need to count calories, cut out your favourite foods or eat tiny portions. This is not a diet but a lifestyle enhancing plan.

Even if...

You already have too much going on and find it hard to remain on track. You'll find my simple tangible plans an enjoyable experience.

Not for you if...

You're looking for a one off consultation and you want a quick weight loss fix. This is not sustainable and in simple terms just doesn't work. This is why yo-yo dieting exists. I don't do "diets". However, if you're looking for a transformation that's going to put you back in control so that you can keep you feeling great from the inside out then get in touch!