Welcome to a space where you are encouraged and congratulated on prioritising your wellbeing. A space where you can enjoy re-focusing and recentering your life around the things you love to do. Nourishing yourself with good food, self expansion and connection is what we're all about. If you're looking for a community of lovely, supportive women to get out and about with whilst mindfully working on the highest, happiest version of yourself then come on in. We would LOVE to meet you, x

For go-getter women ready to reconnect with their empowered, divine, inspired selfs so they can evolve and experience life through its wildest potential.   

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Think supper clubs, cookery classes, wellness workshops and vineyard do's. Yes, yes, yes! We invite ladies who are keen to nourish their mind, body & soul to join our community. You don't need to worry about not knowing anyone. You'll make new friends in no time. Join the club today & begin to align yourself with the things you LOVE.

Feel Beautifully Energised with Steph

Ladies you deserve so much more than to be 'powering through' every day, hoping you'll make it through. It's about slowing down, becoming present and recreating yourself so you can look and feel your best. My plans will inspire your creativity and ignite your true potential so you can start doing more of what you love again. 

Each of my nutrition and lifestyle plans teach mindful eating and work on balancing out your blood sugar levels and stabilising your hormones so that you feel satisfied, balanced, energised and full of life!  

  • Establish a healthy educated relationship with food & never diet again

  • Kick your cravings

  • Lose that lockdown weight

  • Balance & restore your happy hormones

  • Become more confident & resilient to stress

  • Rocket your energy & motivation levels

  • Establish clarity & experience sharper focus


Experience more peace, feel nourished and satisfied with the energy you need to do more of what you love, so you can experience life at your highest, healthiest potential! Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy soul.

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My 21 day online signature programme costs £389 and takes place in a private online space. It will run on specific dates Monday 7th November, Sunday 15th Jan, Sunday 4th June. This programme has been specifically designed for busy, go-getter women who are ready to regain control & step into their power. Learn how to balance your hormones so that you can feel energised, motivated, sharper and lighter in both mind & body. Learn simple effective strategies in lose excess weight, establish feel good hormones, rocket your energy levels and become a more organised, confident & resilient version of yourself. This is a sustainable plan that gets real lasting results. You'll be joining a handful of ladies working on this plan together. Click the button above and sign up now!

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Establish a healthy routine & get back on track.

Maximise feel good hormones.

Nourish your mind, body & soul.

Success Stories

Claire R

"Wow! Beautifully Energised has changed my life! I came to Stephanie and exhausted mum struggling to juggle family life and a business. Time poor I had resorted to cooking quick meals that were nutrient deficient and relying on sugary snacks to keep me going. I felt guilty all the time because I never seemed to have enough energy for the things that mattered. 


Stephanie quickly ascertained the problem areas and created smart solutions. She analysed my diet, working out exactly what it was missing and where to get it from. Within a couple of weeks I have had more energy than I can remember and feel amazing eating a healthier diet that Stephanie made simple to achieve. She’s also helped me to organise my schedule so I can make time not only for my family but for myself too. I haven’t felt this good for a long time! 


Stephanie is incredibly kind, focused and doesn’t waste a second of your time. Her efficient methods mean she gets to the root cause of your problems. Her suggestions are simple, effective and set you up for life."

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Soleika R

"I don’t usually stick to things longer than a day but I was able to stick to Stephanie’s 21 Day Challenge because of the way it was organised. The online group was really supportive. I don’t think I could complete a nutritional plan without this  to keep me on track!


An unexpected bonus was that I managed to kick my sugar addiction. Yay! Another breakthrough was establishing new food prep habits (it was nice seeing everyone in their group show their prep). My week ran a lot smoother than normal and I did not need to cook every night.


I would normally feel overwhelmed at making new dishes but on this plan I felt under control and I could always ask Steph if I didn’t understand something, I feel good that I completed the challenge and I feel confident that I can continue making healthier food choices."


Jacqueline S

"I recently took part in Steph's 3-week Reboot, Restore, Regenerate Workshop in February. I did it to get back on track and focused with my nutrition and self-care after an unexpectedly full-on start to 2021 with homeschooling two children and two parents working under the same roof.


Her workshop was incredibly well-organised and packed with amazing recipes, knowledge bombs and support. Her advice is so incredibly relevant to how we as women/parents live and work nowadays and how to focus on truly being healthy and well, not a quick-fix diet. I've adopted new habits and have made amazing tweaks that really make a difference to my energy levels and sleep habits.


I highly recommend working with Steph- she understands women, how we work and how we can make adjustments to get the most out of life."


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